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[TUT] How To Burn XDG2/XDG3 Games - (Imgburn)

posted Dec 26, 2011 23:13:45 by Matt

Lt+ 3.0 is needed for fixing all problems with XGD3 games, the unrecognized error, and will allow you to play live safely after re-burning your ap25 games with topology data.

- Lt+ 3.0 released! * You can use the old jungleflasher to flash to Lt+ 3.0 before the new jungleflasher is out. Note that it will show as 1.1 until then.

- Latest IXtreme Pack with 3.0 included:

- New Xbox Backup Creator released! :
Used to patch ap25 games and create topology data.
* How To Patch * : Open the new Xbox Backup Creator and go to Image Tools > select inject > load iso > click AP25 Sector > load median.bin and patch > burn with iHas Driver + BurnerMax Firmware.

- Universal Topology pack by C4Eva! :

All things needed:

Dvd + r dl 8.5gb discs. (recommend Verbatims.) DL burner.

Imgburn v2.5.6.0 (Newest as of now):

ABGX360 v1.0.5 (Newest as of now):

Xbox Backup Creator (v2.9.0.350):


ABGX360 wave patches:

^ needed for AutoFixing XGD2 games that have corrupt or incorrect Video data (don't really need this, unless you get error similar to this: Failed to find or open 'Video_1914211B.iso)


You can start by downloading an ISO dvd/game.
If your downloaded ISO didn't come with a .dvd file here is how to make one:

For XGD2 open up ABGX360 and change these settings:

You want the region code to match your region so hit select.

select the region you live in then hit OK.

Now load your ISO file and hit Launch.
It will patch and stealth your game for better online safety.
Green writing = good
Blue writing = good/fixed files
Yellow = bad/check what it says

It doesn't create a different ISO it overwrites original.

For XGD3 which is not yet supported by ABGX360, you will get an error/message saying it doesn't recognize it. When new version gets released ill update thread which will allow you to patch XGD3. For now download the 0800 ripped games which are said to be safe. * Update *: You will need to use XBC (xbox backup creator) to patch the iso by injecting data and then burn your game (must re-burn all burnt games). All info at top of thread.

Right click on your desktop and then select text document.
Open the text document and copy and paste this into it:

GAME.iso (text in red must be exact name of .iso game)

Now go to>save as>name it : exact name.dvd (make sure the extension is .dvd) and save it in the same place as your .iso.

Now right click on the .dvd file you just made and open with, notepad or txt editor.
Now lets change something, if your game is "XGD2" then change the layerbreak from "2133520" to "1913760".

Else if "XGD3" and you are not using an IHAS burner with CFW installed change the layerbreak from "2133520" to "2086912". This is for the 97% burns which fixes the black screen and kicked back to dash problem.

If you are using the IHAS burner with CFW then leave layerbreak as is (2133520).

Now your going to want to:

Open up ImgBurn and go to Tools, then Settings, then Write: change the Layer Break to, Calculate Optimal if you put your layerbreak as "2133520" in .dvd file or for anything else just copy and paste the layerbreak you set into to, and then hit OK.

ImgBurn Settings:

Focus on these settings and make sure you have the priority set to HIGH.

Now select Write image file to disc, then locate your .dvd and select it , it will load the iso itself.

Then in the drop down menu on the left choose your correct drive. Then in the one on the right choose Write Speed of 2.4x. I use this slow speed to get better success rate and quality.

Insert a disc, as i said i recommend Verbatims never had 1 coaster, with Memorex i had coasters. But still had success with Memorex and then hit Write!

Yours should be glowing.

You will then get a message saying,
There doesn't appear to be enough room... Select Write Until End Of Disc (Transcute)! Must click that one.

And there ya have it! Good luck , and i hope i helped!

Credit for this tut goes to killermoe33
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